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A True Account of Hannah Masury's Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself

a novel

coming Fall 2023

Boston, June, 1726, the day William Fly hanged in Boston for piracy, teenage serving girl Hannah Masury is watching. His gruesome death is about to change her life forever, launching her on an unforgettable adventure that will take her into a colonial-era heart of darkness, through storms both literal and psychological, as she joins up with the notorious real-life pirate Edward Low and the pitiless men in his desperate crew. Hannah searches for William Fly’s treasure in the Caribbean, as well as for the freedom to live a life for herself of her own choosing. In 1930, meanwhile, Hannah’s incredible story is pieced together by Radcliffe history professor Marian Beresford, a woman also living a life less free than she would wish. At the center of Hannah Masury’s “true account” is a centuries-old mystery. Will Marian be able to unlock Hannah’s secret? Or will Hannah take it with her to her grave? A TRUE ACCOUNT OF HANNAH MASURY’S SOJOURN AMONGST THE PYRATES, WRITTEN BY HERSELF tells two interleaved stories of what happens when women break all the rules of the society in which they live, and dare to go out adventuring on their own account. 

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